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Hi @wis!

Well, the `updateSlider()` function really only adds/removes slider panels and updates the navigation. I wasn’t expecting anyone to want to change all of the options, although I’m sure there are a few options that are checked dynamically so changing them using your method would work, but I never made a list.

There are a few work arounds/hacks I could make for you without changing the addon, but that’s probably not ideal for you.

As for the transitions, they are done by the FX extension. And all FX data is stored within `$(‘#slider’).data(‘AnythingSlider’).fx` which is dynamic to allow the [FX Builder]( to work. As a quick example, update the fx as follows:

$(‘#slider’).data(‘AnythingSlider’).fx = {
“.text” : [ “top”, “500px”, “”, “easeOutBounce” ]

So, I guess I could start working on making more options work when you use `updateSlider()` but my time is very limited right now and I’m not sure how long it would take me to complete these changes.