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I have a test site up at Everything’s looking good now on the normal browser end (IE8, Firefox, Webkit, Opera), and I’m still using my solution which was to move the theme styles into the main stylesheet. But I’ve come up against another problem:

The dreaded Internet Explorer 6/7 z-index bug!

I have a drop-down menu which is appearing underneath my main slider. I’ve solved it in the normal fashion, giving the containing element a higher z-index. I’ve noticed that this works, at least for the split-second until the Anything Slider loads. Then the menu is underneath again. Somewhere, my CSS is giving the slides a higher Z-index value, but I’m not sure where, or if it’s the Javascript’s fault somehow. I’ve tried giving the #feature box a higher z-index to no avail, so I’ll try some of the other divs and see what happens. Of course, if you see something I’m not seeing, I’d appreciate a whack on the head to point me in the right direction! I’m like a donkey in that aspect though, you have to hit me on the opposite side of where you want me to go. I run from danger.