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Still working away at it.. here is the contents of my header


See any issues in there? Do i need to have anythingslider.fx.js in order to do the fade? As you can see I have plenty of uncommented code in there.. not sure weather I need it or not so will remove any stuff that isnt required..

This is my fade.js file. Is there a specific order I should list js files in my header? It have figured out that the order greatly effects css files so was wondering if it is the same thing?


// try out this theme... you might like it better than empty tabs
theme: 'metallic',

// remove numbers from navigation, but uncomment out the theme above
// it might be what you really want.
navigationFormatter: function() {
return '';

// *** Make slides Fade in/out ***
// zero time between slide transitions
animationTime: 0,
// set this delay to fade out the current slide before animating
// set here to match the fade time
delayBeforeAnimate: 500,

onSlideBegin: function(e, slider) {
onSlideComplete: function(slider) {
slider.$items.fadeIn(500, "swing");

Look forward to a reply :)