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"jlg" wrote:
Here’s a website I designed to catalog my collection of old wooden tennis racquets

It’s very heavy on pictures so a little slower than I’d like, but was hard to avoid that. Any input greatly appreciated.
Ikthius- You were nice enough to give me some terrific advice the other time I posted- Wonder if you’re still out there- Thnx to all

still around, but here in the west of scotland, yesterday we had a huge power failure, for a couple of hours, affected a big area.

that knocked out my ISP they only got it back working late today.


I think it is ok, I think your style for it is fine, salad days anyone??? but the one thing I would get rid of is your links move and make it terrible, maybe change the colour of the text not the size of the image as it goes over the lighter border.

but change some text to a different font, make it easy for your readers to read, lighten up your backgrounds, research what fonts were widely used in those times, to make it more authetic.

other than that is it fine.

you could pre-load your images to make them load roughly same time as the rest of teh site.