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"jlg" wrote:
Many thanks, ikthius . I fixed most of what you suggested & figuring out the rest. Appreciate you taking the time to look and critique. Have a great day.

WOW, you got the small problem of the middle image fixed nicely, you changed the image of the artist and it loads immediately.
The colouring is better, but if I were you play around with different colour schemes, I feel it is a bit cold, when the main paintings seem a bit cold (sorry just how I see them) maybe warm the site up to distinguish better from the art.

The spacing between the divs, I would try and keep uniform all over the site
the footer I would make the text stand out a bit more and probably centre it, but that’s just me.
when clicking a piece of art, I would change the colour of the font, its a bit close to the background colour.

the main links, what about highlighting where your at in the site, maybe with an underline, but make the underline like a brush stroke???

other than that you have done some good changes