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I’m just a complete scripting novice, so I’m not going to even attempt to comment on your code, but for my two cents on the d4b site design-wise:

First of all, I really like to look of the site and the imaginative layout of your content. I can only aspire…!

The only thing I would say could be looked at again would be the horizontal spacing of the scrolling segments – I’ve no clue when it comes to scripting those, but would it be possible to adjust the spacing between the items so that the user only sees one item per scroll? For example (I’m using a 1032 wide screen here) on the B$CE section, the first item is the ‘Corporate Identity’ bit, but the ‘Product Literature’ segment is intruding from the right and it’s not immediately obvious what the user is supposed to do next. Perhaps a fixed width to each segment with a overlapping opaque ‘screen’ to the right to hide uncalled segments from users with higher screen resolutions? Check out and scroll through his nav items to see what I mean. You can zoom all the way out and still only see the called-for segment. Pedantic, maybe, but nice I think. I would, however, move the ‘next’ button to the right of the screen and somehow make it more obvious. Just for usability.

Overstaying my welcome, perhaps, but is it just me or is there a big flicker when I mouseover the ‘Client List’ link in the footer? It’s like the content tries to display and suddenly remembers it’s supposed to fade-in. Keeps doing it, so it’s not like ‘first-load’ or anything… Anyhoo I’ll leave that to those in the know!

Looks great overall though! :D