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@casiodan: Yup, that’s how it goes.

For other users whom may find this, a short tip if you want your site to work in a local network (LAN) or other situation in which the link WordPress is configured in, does not work, or only works from 1 machine (ie. the localhost-issue as described above)

What you can do is edit wp-config.php and add the following two lines, where "" is the NEW (if not) TEMPORARY domain of your site.


So, if you’re in a local network (LAN) and it’s currently pointing to http://localhost (causing the site to be text-only from other computers) change it to something like

In Windows: Go Start -> Run -> type "cmd" (without "quotes") -> Hit Enter -> type "ipconfig" Hit Enter -> Check "IP Address")
in Mac OS X / Unix : Go to Terminal (under Utilities in Applications) and type "ipconfig getifaddr en0" or "ipconfig getifaddr en1") and Press Return; alternativly go to System Preferences -> Network and see your local IP there

See also: … config.php