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Thanks, Im going to check it out. Been planning on doing a clean install on my computer and also thinking of using Ubuntu, so if i do go that route I will surely check that out.

I have been reading articles about different text editors as of late and came across a “Top 10 Best Windows Text Editors” article. They have Dreamweaver along with a few others I have been hearing as of late. Netbeans is on there (which i use for my java programming – but will be switching to Eclipse). If anyone has used any of these as well comment and tell me what you think.
Reference:‘The Top 10 Best Windows Text HTML Editors’

Along with that search simply Googled “CSS Text Editors” and came across a lot of results. It seems editors these days conform to many different languages but some of these focus more or less on css.
Reference:’10 Wonderful CSS editor’
Reference:’11 Top CSS Editors – Reviewed’
Reference:‘Top 10 Best Free Online CSS Editors For Web Designers’

I can read these reviews all day (i could download every single one as well.. lol) but let me know what you think.