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I need to make a rant. Can I say just how stupid this post is…DW or not DW…really?!!!? Not pointing a finger at @_John_ as I understand his question, but look….use what works for you and why let others influence you. Dw is a great program and if you need the “cheater window” to help you create the same thing someone on Notepad++ or Textmate then so be it. I started out with DW years ago and loved it and the only reason I have switched was that I wanted to try something different. I have not used it in years as I have found a different way to design since then. Is my way better then a DW user?….no. Thing that sometimes gives DW I bad wrap is that a lot of beginners use it because it holds your hand as you code and because they are beginners there code is not as refined as it should be. So over the years we all look and help newbies with losy code that use DW….which then begins to brain wash us to merge the two. Bad design = beginner = DW.
I know a lot of designers that use DW for a lot of reasons and they are crazy talented.
DW, Textmate, ST2, Phpstorm (my fav) , Coda, Expresso…Mac or Windows…..who cares! Use what you like and become great at it. If you are good at what you do then the end product is what matters to the end user…they don’t care how you designed it.