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There is. It appears on the screen as that "

* El Progreso Memorial Library
* 301 W. Main Street
* Uvalde, Texas 78801
* Phone: 830-278-2017
* Fax: 830-278-4940
* E-Mail Us

" text that runs inline across the top of the screen. There is a footer div, but it’s near the end of the source code and CSS. My prof suggested splitting the page into 3 relative divs and assigning the absolute div’s within those, but I can’t figure out how to get that footer where it’s supposed to be.

As for my div-itis – I know, it’s bad, and I’ll make direct ID’s once I get this thing figured the hell out. I have it broken down like that now cause it’s easier for me to understand with the open and close tags for now.