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"jinfiesto" wrote:
Also, in terms of readability; most people consider it good practice to format their CSS in single-line format.

I couldn’t disagree more with this. It is completely personal preference. Personally, I absolutely HATE the single-line format. It has absolutely nothing to do with "best practice".

Here are results from a poll taken not too long ago on this very site!

"jinfiesto" wrote:
Also, it seems you misunderstand ems. They are a typographic measure. Use them for your fonts. Use pixels or percentages for everything else. For the record, 1 em is equal to the measure of the browser default font-size.

Ems can most certainly be used for width, padding, etc. Though having any type of fluid website is usually not a good idea for a beginner to start learning with, as they can be much more difficult.

I agree with everything else you said though! :D

Annie, as for the footer, I don’t know what the footer is? There’s no "footer" div?