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Average Joe

@jinfiesto: I tried that, the nesting doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I’ve been messing with this css and html for quite some time now. So, when you look at it, it may not be what I started with at the beginning. So, let me re-explain what I’m trying to achieve. Perhaps someone can post some code from scratch to achieve this?

I’m simply trying to get the logo centered in the middle of the website.
I’d like to have two images up above the logo, on the left and right.
I’d like to have two images down below the logo, on the left and right.
I’m trying to have all five images expand/shrink according to the browser window size.

I originally had this completed on a wide-screen monitor only to check it on a 4:3 monitor and find the images scattered due to the space restrictions. Therefore, the reason behind the expand/shrink request. I’ve tried several different options, I had the images expanding/shrinking for a while, but that isn’t working anymore. i have never been able to get the images properly located on the screen like I want. Seems like the two images at the top are on a row, the logo is on a row, and the two images on the bottom are on a row. However, the logo (row) needs to be slightly overlapping both the top and bottom rows in order for it to appear properly.

Any ideas/suggestions?