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Thanks for the feed back guys It is much appreciated

"vincent" wrote:
The home nav link’s background image is uneven, like "home" isn’t in the center.

I think I just have the padding set that covers all nav buttons in general not unique to each nav button I will have to do that thanks

"Matt" wrote:
Very well designed in my opinion. I think there’s a good amount of whitespace on the page.

Thanks man

"TheDoc" wrote:
I like it. While I think there might be too much white space, I don’t particularly mind it.
I’ll try to get a closer look at it later today and see if I can spot some areas that could use improvement.

I hear you some of the pages such as the history pages have a large amount of white space since the side bar on the left has the contact form it leaves a large area of white space to the right. I was thinking of moving the form to the footer on all the pages to eliminate this problem.

Thanks again for the feedback guys :D