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The color scheme could work. It’s better than the last one I saw. What really bugs me now is the way the ‘Welcome’ message and the ‘BROWSE OUR GALLERY’ message dont line up vertically. Push down that Gallery link box, there needs to be some cream color showing above that to make the horizontal division of the page look clean.. While I’m talking about alignment, the top Nav, the ‘Making your dream…’ copy & the Gallery link should center align. I see you have them stuck to the edge of the window as users reize their browsers. I might suggest that that you don’t do so much min-width & percentage trickery since you are clearly pretty new to this. These are great techniques, but you need to work out the basics. I suggest you make a fixed-width design for now. Otherwise you are juggling way to may pins at once.

Also, the Gallery link box is a very different border style from the photo. And not ‘good-different’. I suggest you simplify the Gallery link box but give it a dramatic :hover state.

I suggest a bit of margin-left on your ul element to push those bullets in, but that’s just my stylistic preference.

Pull your browser window open REALLY wide, notice your cream color fills the window outside the site? That is weird. Make sure that the background that extends behind the width of your site is at least slightly contrasting. You could go a little lighter or a little darker, I wouldn’t go too far from the cream, but there should be a visual boundary at the edge of the site container.

Good Luck!