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I surely will. Okay, first things first, the splash page. I feel like your intentions were to make the border look like gold, but instead it comes off as baby-poop brown. I would brighten the border up a little bit. Or you can get rid of the splash page altogether. Second thing, as a fledgling typographer, you should never use Comic Sans. It is the laughing stock of the typography world. It ranks right up there with Papyrus. I would go with a font-type of “Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif,” personally. Also, the type is too faint. Actually, everything but the logo is too faint. It looks like you have transparency set on everything. I would either brighten everything up, or, if you do have transparency set, I would take it down. The copyright is still set to 2011 and we just flipped over to a new year. I will say that the gallery is nice and big. That’s a plus. But again, you have this transparent div that is hovering on the right-bottom side of the website. Again, hard to read. I just noticed the tagline. It is being covered up by the logo. I had to select the text to be able to read it. The contact form looks solid apart from the use of Comic Sans everywhere. And general spacing issues. For color templates and schemes, I highly suggest this. I hope that helps!