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Thanks for the help guys, very much appreciated. I will go ahead and change the text size and colour a bit, I see what you mean with this, it definitely takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot what you might think looks good.

One thing that is vexing me however is the text replacement method for the logo. I can get the site to look identical using the h1 tag but when I make the h1 a link it won’t validate. Is there any way around this in strict doctype other than not to make it a link?

Also, what would be the best way to swap the background image in different pages? At the moment the background is done through css. Should I change it so it’s an img tag in the markup and use z-index or should I use different IDs on the divs for the different pages and use css to add a different bg image for each one?

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, it’s a huge confidence booster. I showed the client what I had done so far and she was over the moon but it’s always nice to get positive feedback from someone who actually has a clue about web design.

I eagerly await some help with the above problems and hope to be able to show you all a whole working site soon.