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@Johhnyb Well, yes, WordPress can (and should) only be set up for one domain. What it actually does, is that whenever you change something in WordPress, the files (and database) gets changed on the server.

Let’s say you’re changing the contents of a post. Then the content gets changed in the database, and consequently, that changes things on, as well as, and….because all those variations ALL point to the same web site and database.

If you’re changing the code in footer.php, then you’re actually changing the file on the server, which is located at /www/mysite/wp-content/themes/twentyten/footer.php — so in turn, that changes the footer for all your domains.

The deal with setting the domain name in WordPress, is how internal links are handled, so to speak. If you set the WordPress domain to, and on your site your logo is pointing to the root/home page, then on ALL your sites the logo will point to So even on any page on, your logo will point to Internal links will point to Media too, I think. Everything internal points to the domain that you set in WordPress.

I guess that’s where it all comes down to. If you want every version of your site to point to its own domain, you’ll either have to use relative links all through the site, or use a plugin (I’m sure there is one).