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There was no image provided in your post, but going on the description, it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do, based on the type of media query… “from a screen min-width of X, do whatever” so as long as the screen is at least 680px wide, the styles in that media query, if they are not overridden in media queries of greater widths, will always be in effect.

If you only want styles to apply within a certain screen width range (e.g. between a min-width of 600px and a max-width of 799px), you would stack your media queries using the and keyword

Alternatively, you might only want to reset your CSS property back to its default value, so for width it would be width:auto;. Hit Google for other CSS property defaults.

If you need further or more specific help, please paste your HTML and CSS into a CodePen. You’re right – copying a whole load of CSS would indeed be messy, and we don’t want that. We’d need for you to provide only a very small sample instead; that’s just enough HTML and CSS to illustrate the actual problem. This means stripping it all back to the very basics.