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> if I remove the float and replace it with display: inline-block, for example, and position them to where I want them using other properties, they won’t display as I want them as the web-page gets smaller.

Which is how exactly? What’s the undesirable behaviour that you want to fix?

But before you change the layout, you might want to rethink your goal… Centering elements across the width of a full-screen layout can be perceived as amateurish, because it “breaks” the comfortable/satisfying grid that is usually desirable in layout design. Viewers can find it unpredictable and jarring when the flow changes half way through like that (unless it’s for a heading or something that’s supposed to separate and draw attention). It’s natural to cognitively group like-with-like (patterns are good, consistency is good, the human brain doesn’t like the unexpected), so throwing similar elements out of line like that can negatively impact the viewer’s experience… and unfortunately, that reflects badly on you, the designer. I actually think everything looks very nice the way it already is.