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I will add my whole css code

Unfortunately that’s too much. It’s very unlikely that anybody here will want to poke through a ~3000 line CSS file in order to troubleshoot on your behalf. It takes too much time and time costs money. You should try to pare it back to the minimum amount possible while still demonstrating the problem – just very basic HTML and CSS pertaining to the immediate layout issue. That’s going to make it easier and quicker for us to look at in our free time.

The good news is that you’ve already identified that something extra in your own codebase is impacting on layout, over and above what the tutorial provides. This is a positive start. From here you can start with the tutorial code, and then introduce smaller logical blocks of your own code back in (HTML and CSS) until your layout breaks again. Do it bit by bit. This will point to the problem CSS and allow you to target it more directly. If at that stage you still need help in fixing the CSS, then we can look at the streamlined code again, and with the help of your guidance on which additional lines of CSS are breaking things.