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The most basic HTML and CSS approach I think would be an iframe – navigation in the main page (targeting the iframe) and then have individual content/pages displayed through the (named) iframe.

This isn’t ideal though because without the use of JavaScript, your homepage would be the only bookmarkable page. Iframes can also confuse visitors because they give the appearance of messing with the browser’s ‘back’ function.

I wouldn’t use it at all if I could help it, and if I absolutely had to, I would only suggest using it on the most simple of websites (5 or so pages).

If you want to research more and see if this works for you, try Googling something like “named iframes and linking to them with the target attribute”.

If you need further help, try putting together a simple CodePen showing what you’ve tried and what problems you’re having. Also clearly explain what the disirable outcome is versus what is actually happening so that we can offer suggestions for a fix.