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Folks won’t want to poke about in the developer console in order to troubleshoot on your behalf. All the distractions of a full website codebase is too offputting.

To attract helpful responses, in greater numbers, try extracting the pertinent parts into a simplified CodePen. A small and lean demo that clearly illustrates the problem is much more attractive to helpers browsing this forum in their spare time, and the live edit properties are not limited to desktop computers, unlike in the developer toolbar. Note that we don’t need to see your whole codebase – we just need enough CSS and HTML to demo the problem.

Also please clarify what the problem actually is. “Having issue” does not clearly explain to us what’s wrong or what your ideal outcome is. Do you want the border to be wider? A different colour? Patterned? Guessing wastes time so please be concise. Help us to help you.