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Neither of your pens are working – unfortunately they’re not setup to reference externally hosted assets. If you look at the CSS, paths you’ll see that they’re referencing locally hosted files (the ./ parts), put of course these won’t be local to CodePen. Try editing your pen to reference the files located on your own web host – they’ll be more like

But this might be a hosting issue with mime types instead. If you setup a test page on your computer and it loads there, and only does not work on your web host, you should try looking in to mime types (Google “font mime types hosting” to start your research). You might have to setup associations in .htaccess or web.config (which file you edit depends upon your hosting environment). Alternatively, your web host control panel might provide an area where you can associate mime types instead of editing .htaccess or web.config directly. Check with your web host for further info.