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Thanks for replying! I followed the instruction from Flaticon:
1. download iconfont collection – which included the following files: flaticon.css, flaticon.eot, flaticon.html, flaticon.svg, flaticon.ttf, flaticon.woff
These I saved all in one project folder, which also contains my other docs.
2. Request the CSS stylesheet from the head of your web. – So I linked my html doc
to flaticon.css with the href link flaticon.css
3. Use class for the images, with class “flaticon-imagename” – The flaticon.css includes the images that were in my collection.
I did not do anything with the flaticon.eot, flaticon.html, flaticon.svg, flaticon.ttf, flaticon.woff. Should I have? I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have used the svg images before which show up on my site, but they are just images and I cannot manipulate them with css. That is why I am trying out their iconfonts.