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Very good,

I’m glad for your successfull
This morning I tried make a post, but I can’t, sorry.
I will leave it here what I would put in this morning, case this help you in some thing.

This was the post who I was trying make in this morning.

I saw the layout, I would like of explain better about last reply.
When I said about class=”container” this container is only to image and should not be used in the main container page, I did the some adjustment to not generate confusion. I renamed the container class to image-wrapper class

this class was created as a element parent, how you can see in this image on original website:

to solve the problem about the box-size I changed the rule css to be apply only to element “a” inside element with the class=”beffect”:

.beffect a:after,
.beffect a:before {
    box-sizing: border-box;

currently the image-wrapper class have a width:250px this value should be adjustment and changed for the necessity of layout

.image-wrapper {
  width: 250px; /*or 800px or 80% */