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Yeah, I tried the fixed width/height, but it didn’t work either. I didn’t really expect it to as it did not have any impact on the fiddle. But I still tried.
And here’s something else that will make you finish that bottle of scotch in no time flat – the first arrow+More is on a separate line, but the second arrow+Less is actually showing up properly next to the last paragraph.
Can you believe it?! And, yup, you guessed it, their specs are identical. And they should be, because I applied the same css to both. In fact, they are on the same bloody line!

But I’m beginning to doubt it has anything to do with the SVGs (although they remain an issue in Opera and Chrome). I have a second article, right below the original one, that follows the same format. In those, I simply used the text ‘More & Less’ without the SVGs. And they are also showing on a separate line. So three out of four of the More/Less are showing on a separate line, while one of them is towing the line. And the same CSS applies to all 4. How does that grab you?

I’m now wondering if the Brackets rendering engine itself is an issue.
So my next step is to try and upload the pages I have and do a ‘live’ debug and see if anything pops out. I simply cannot think of anything else.

I’m also going to mark your response as the ‘Good Answer’ because it is.
It should have worked. There is no reason it shouldn’t other than the fact that my computer is bored and is messing with me.
So thank you. You have helped. It’s not your fault my computer has a twisted sense of humour.