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Happy to see you continue the thread with me !
So, the “vw” unit width is not important, I can change it to %, but the vw for the line-height is an error, I just wanted to align the text to bottom but I know it can’t work, I need to use a child div aligned to bottom or flexbox..

But finally, I decided to use a classic way of toggling class on scroll with animation, as you can see here . I want now to pimp it a little by disabling the scroll during the animation after the first scroll, and allowing it after 1 second, the time of the header animation. (the goal is to avoid the user to scroll to the entire page before the header has reduced).

So I tried it in my JsFiddle, but I’m not familiar with scroll and operations (….), and as you can see, it’s working just one time in five :(…