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I don’t think the page is redirected, Paulie:

function(s) {


  var e = $(this),
    t = e.find("a");

  if (snippetsTopNavLinks.removeClass("active"), t.addClass("active"), newClass = e.text(), listOfSnippets.removeClass(curClass).addClass(newClass), curClass = newClass, localStorage.setItem("snippetType", e.attr("id")), $(window).width() < 600) {
    var i = $("#list-of-snippets").position();

  history.replaceState("", "", t.attr("href")), document.title = newClass + " | CSS-Tricks"

It prevents the default action of the link inside the li item and uses its href attribute to adapt the url without a page refresh…

Edit – please post any code you have, winc. Can’t debug a hypothetical. I doubt PHP or htaccess would be needed.