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A reduced demo of the problem in CodePen would be more helpful, especially for folks on mobile (like me) who don’t have access to (or don’t want to) poke about the whole codebase for you in the developer console. The template file and CSS don’t really demonstrate the problem separately, and for someone who’s never used Blogger (again, like me), makes very little sense.

To increase your chances of getting a helpful response, you need to make it easier for us to give you help. This means extracting the pertinent HTML that’s served in the browser, and coupling it with the pertinent CSS that causes the issue. We’d like to see a working example of the issue boiled down to basics in a CodePen demo. For you, this means extracting just enough HTML and CSS to demonstrate the problem, which you can do with the help of the developer console – F12 in most browsers. You can use the tools there to view and extract the HTML and CSS in order to put together a streamlined demo for us. Once in CodePen, we’ll be better placed to make edits and offer suggestions/fixes on the fly.

That said, and as previously suggested, have you tried setting the background-size property/value pairing to contain? From the CSS you posted above, I can see a cover value. Look into “background-size css” via Google to learn more.

Good look with your project.