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Would be great if this had a section for a 3d 4×4 matrix as well (although I think I almost get it now):

And I suppose there’s some typos in this bit:

var values = tr.split('(')[1],
    values = values.split(')')[0],
    values = values.split(',');

Those commas at the top two lines I reckon should be semicolons… although I’m wondering what technically happens exactly when you declare the same new variable several times like that.

I kinda like this one myself, using a single line (ignore the jQuery):

var tr = el.css('transform'),
values = tr.replace(/[^0-9\-.,]/g, '').split(',');

Coming along alright by the way – wheels are already draggable and will transition at the speed you give them (provided it meets the threshold):

This one’s got 18 sides (each element rotating 20 degrees incrementally) instead of 36.