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Unfortunately your demo doesn’t illustrate the problem and the amount of code will likely put many folks off looking further. Think of it like this. We’re strangers and volunteers browsing the forum in our spare time. That means we don’t have much room to work through a 1400 line CSS file, or decipher half-complete HTML (with PHP that doesn’t mean much outside of the WordPress platform, or that particular gallery plugin), or fill in the gaps with placeholder images to see how things do and don’t behave.

If, on the other hand, you make things easier for us and provide a working demo; one that illustrates the issue you describe, using very minimal HTML (with images) and CSS, potential helpers will be more likely to spare a moment to jump in with suggestions. This means you stripping back your codebase to give us just the pertinent parts. Oftentimes this process will lead you to identifying and fixing the problem yourself.

From a general help perspective, look at the padding and margins. You can do this using the developer console – F12 in most browsers. You could also provide a link to the actual website, but its as much hassle for us to poke about in dev tools as it is for you, plus there’s the added hindrance of needing to be on a desktop computer to do it. Many of us free-time helpers are browsing on mobile so we’d instantly be out of the help circle. CodePen however allows even casual mobile browsers to tinker with your code, so its the medium most likely to increase your chances of getting help, and fast.

Good luck with your project anyhoo.