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Many thanks for your interest.

I used the requestbin facility as suggested and as far as I can see the ‘payload’ contains the test data which I input.

I also checked that PHP is running on my server and did some Googling as regards file handling and came up with some additional code as follows;

It seems that the Json call to the web page on my server is happening (triggered by the submission of the Cognitoform) and as a result of it opening the web page I can see that json_data.txt is being created but it is empty.

I suspect I may be showing my lack of knowledge and am off at a tangent – on the other hand I could be quite close!

If I am getting close then fine but please do not spend too much time on this. Although I am impressed with Cognito forms and would prefer to use them, there are alternatives which I suspect offer a better range of tools and options when it comes to accessing and handling the form submitted data.