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Necessity is the mother of invention

I don’t think you can go too far wrong if you look to your own experiences for inspiration. Try thinking about your past web dev projects and interactions with clients – what would have made your/another person’s life easier in X situation? For example, I volunteered for an organisation for 7 years and during that time, we needed to help sister organisations collectively get news out into our shared community. So I developed a “community news feed”; the front was a scroller that could be embedded into sister websites, the backend was a non-techy admin panel where multiple nominated users could manage updates. It needed multiple password protected accounts and a log so users could track who was adding/editing entries. It also created and modified an RSS feed that could be used to push updates automatically to Facebook and Twitter (if you’re curious, it was this )

Have you got something (a need) like that you can look to and build on?