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Hi JeroenR. Thanks for the reply. I believe all the page is built in HTML, do you want me to post the whole code up some place so you can see? I must admit to not being expert in coding language so can you explain in laymans terms. Check the result? how do I do that? Is the bit of code you mention at the end all that is needed to be added? If so, where in the code string do I add, at the bottom, under the code for the capcha etc or in the header. All I know is the page re directed before I changed the code to add the capcha and now it does not. Yeh, I’d love to be an expert but only brush with HTML on the odd occasion. CSS is just as vague to me, not into building sites from the ground up, just this page is a bit special to me for reasons I wont divulge.
if you could help me further I’d really appreciate it.
Sorry if I’m seeming a bit of a dud.