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Still curious about what exactly caused the endless scrolling issue. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the entire layout is done with flexbox in combination with fixed height elements? The float: right on .content works now only as a fall-back for older non-flexbox supporting browsers like IE; it isn’t doing anything in contemporary flexbox-supporting browsers, but that’s OK.

An idea might be to target .content separately for the blogroll-page, like .page-template-page_blog .content { width: 50%, overflow-y: scroll; }.

Another idea is to try to recreate this layout with the new grid-layout module, just implemented in Chrome and Firefox. Can have your cake and eat it too: leave the flexbox layout as it is now, and put the code for grid-layout within a support-featured test media-query: could be an interesting undertaking IMO, and could mean an alternative solution to fix the endless scrolling problem as well.