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I think that works much better. There’s a bit of a delay in Safari from when the back button is pressed and the content is displayed but I guess that’s done to the setTimeout value of 500? You also see the navigation animate out (slightly) once the play is displayed. If I set the value on the end to 0 it prevents this – is that advisable?

The classes confused too! By default none of those classes are added to the body. Then when the toggle in clicked a class of show-nav is added to display the navigation. When you click the toggle again to close the nav, the class is removed. I believe hide-nav is a class that is added when the navigation is being closed to aid with animation/transitions. Only present during the closing of the nav.

With that in mind, would it be better to remove/adjust $('body').addClass('hide-nav'); that set 0 for the timing value?

Thanks again for all your help so far! :)