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I’m new to coding so need to know the code but also where to insert it in to the CSS Editor.

It sounds like you’ve got a lots of research / work ahead of you. Try learning the basics first Also try

As for inserting custom CSS into your website – You’ll want to Google something like “how to add custom CSS to WordPress” and follow the tutorials you find. And try consulting the WordPress documentation for advice on using the editor

Also learn how to use the developer console – F12 in most browsers. Inspecting elements and the styles pane will be most useful to you at this stage.

Your post sounds like you want somebody to do the work for you and unfortunately, that isn’t what we’re here to do… unless you want to hire somebody. If you’d like free advice, tips and pointers, you’ve come to the right place; the folks who volunteer their knowledge and experience here are always glad to steer fellow devs down better lit paths, but if you’re looking for free code and free labour… well, the offers won’t be pouring in.

Good luck with your project.