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I guess he’ll sleep a bit less comfortably but as least he won’t catch a cold with his bottom all exposed. Lol.

I think its only fair that he lets Mrs Claus have the side of the duvet without the hole cut in it. Then again, Santa might bring her a new duvet for Xmas, ha, ha.

I’ve become interested in throttle/debounce quite a lot recently – this post really helped clear things up for me as I wasn’t totally sure about the difference I would use the Ben Alman/underscore.js version(s) for a production site, but for this little play-page, the simple version is fine :)

Have you got some demos setup to illustrate your vial library? I’d be interested in learning more. It will probably take me a bit of time to wrap my head around it though as I’m not as far along with JS as you are. I still feel like I’m learning the basics some days :)