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Sorry but we can’t help you without more information.

You say you’re stuck at getting a form to work, but don’t say what you’ve tried/attempted in order to get it to work, and in what way it isn’t working as expected. For example, maybe AJAX posting is failing or your PHP processing script isn’t sending all the field data gathered by your form. We would need to see your processing script and form markup to be able to offer suggestions. You could also check your error logs for clues.

Or maybe you haven’t got that far? If that’s the case, you have more research ahead of you. Try searching for form processing tutorials or Google form integration, and try stuff out.

If you hit a specific problem, feel free to post again with details of the part that’s causing you troubles. Also include your form HTML and your processing script.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that somebody will do the work for you and give you a complete script on request. You need to give us something to work with and show evidence of having done much of the work yourself before we can help with troubleshooting suggestions.