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Side note… to support all browser versions complying with transition capability checked through the TransitionEvent method, these CSS prefixes would be needed:

.capable {
  -moz-transition: ...
  -webkit-transition: ...
  transition: ...

Firefox is the exception when it comes to the overlap, some early versions can be checked with the presence of TransitionEvent and also fire a plain event without prefix – but the CSS still needs it.

Hosting trouble seems to be mostly over so the page in the post above is working again. Should anyone still have an old browser at hand, I’m very curious what Opera 10.5-12 will report on an OS other than XP.

By the way, according to the Mozilla spec only Firefox itself is using the new approach. But none of the other modern browser showed the old event constructor, so they might’ve been moving ahead of what the documentation states.

That was before I noticed current Opera and Chrome are still using both TransitionEvent and WebKitTransitionEvent so it’s more likely they’re somewhere in between.