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it seems that the logo pic i have won’t show :(yes the path is correct)

Your logo filename is “logo.JPG”, but your markup uses “logo.jpg”.

Note the letter-case for the extension. It’s important on Unix/Linux hosting environments and has to match exactly (in the filename and extension). However on Windows systems, letter-case doesn’t matter so that’s why a path may work on your local Windows computer, but breaks as soon as you upload the files to your web host.

i move one thing in place and the next thing does not want to go into the vacant space

Can you give an example? Two different comparison pages so we can see the differences in your code attempt, and maybe also an image of how its supposed to look.

You have div id=head missing quotes as I stated

This is perfectly valid. But, you should wrap multiple attribute values in quotes/apostrophes – a single attribute, as long as it doesn’t contain certain characters (tabs, spaces, “, ‘, `, =, <, >) can be left unquoted. More info here

Re: spaces, tabs, new-lines/carriage returns
No matter now many of these you put in your markup, if they sit adjacent to each other (no other characters to break them up), they will be interpreted as a single space in the browser. So;

Hello                           to you.



to                        you.



Will all render as

Hello to you.

in the browser window. Demo