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The very first thing I do is visit to see if there are any issues, I enter you URL in the “Validate by URI” and notice 13 errors.

You can always check to see the source code of websites by using Developer Tools (F12) or by right-clicking the page, then left-clicking “View source.” This shows how that page was created. Such as what order of tags go and what goes in each section.

You have your paragraphs set at 80px; that’s HUGE!!! This means all text inside the p tags will be 80px.

p tags are paragraphs, no matter how many spaces you place into your code, without a p tag, it’s all one sentence. So, in your code where you used enter to separate your lines, to the browser, it’s just one space.

Some people might frown upon using the break tag; that coders should use the p tag or setting margins/padding/etc. in CSS.

Some of your errors will be noted when validating, such as the div tag inside the head tag and some attributes missing quotes.

I’m not noting all the issues, I’m giving you enough to work from. Just from what I stated will take some time to fix. There are other things that could be added, but let’s not confuse you any more than necessary.

I just noticed this. You have div id=head missing quotes as I stated then header

but to close it, you have it reversed, [this might be stated in the validation]. You are missing an opening div tag.

One thing you might want to think about is doing one section at a time. Once you like the way the first item is, move on to the next. Then you know the next item you add is the issue and can work from there until you are satisfied.

If you have any issues from there, isolate that code and come back to provide us with a more detailed idea of what your issue is. But note that a lot of issues can be solved by searching online.