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Thanks again Shikkediel I did try it after all the other superfish code and then tried it in the CSS custom code editor but neither worked I’m afraid. When I saw your edit I tried this:

.sf-menu li ul li a:hover, .sf-menu li ul li.sfHover > a {
color: #f0f3f4!important;
background-color: #283747!important;

header#top .sf-menu li ul li a:visited, .sf-menu li ul li.sfVisited > a {
color: #A569BD!important;

header#top .sf-menu li ul li a:active, .sf-menu li ul li.sfActive > a {
color: #4a235a!important;

But no joy there either and plus I’m only guessing and using code from other lines and amending it. At this stage I think I’ll live with the gold color and just increase the size of the text so its more legible.
Thanks again though for your time. I appreciate it