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Thanks for the answer.

  1. You are right. the problem comes from the slide anything plugin. the question is how can I keep it activated and still use the autoplay from the onetone slide. I need both.
  2. The animation is triggered on hover but it’s not something that I control. how can I change it to be triggered by click? Can I change it only for the mobile use? cause is very efficient for the web version.

*Regarding to your comment about the “60 inserted javascript”. can you please explain me a bit more what it means and how can I change it?

Here is the code of the “flip-box” element, maybe I can add on it a code that changes the hover to click on mobiles.

[ms_column style=”1/2″ align=”center” class=”” id=””][ms_flip_box direction=”horizontal” front_paddings=”0″ front_background=”” front_color=”#ffffff” back_paddings=”0″ back_background=”#f9f9f9″ back_color=”#666666″ class=”” id=””]the-task|||This year we faced the 43rd BMW Berlin Marathon being one of the worldwide marathon majors. More than 39,000 international runners participated at the race – from top athletes to marathon beginners. In addition, the three-day “Berlin Vital” trade fair has become an essential part of the Berlin Marathon attracting around 100,000 visitors to explore newest trends in running gear, nutrition and health.

Thanks for your help,