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What are some good Front-end developer github projects I can make that demonstrate relevant Front-end skills? Would you recommend I create whole projects or segments/packages?

I’m of the mindset that it’s best to make something that solves an actual problem you’ve encountered; If your project is useful to you, it will probably be useful to someone else too. And you’ll be more invested in putting your time and effort into it if it actually means something on a personal level.

So say your mum/spouse/nice old lady next door, is frustrated with finding metric measurements for recipes online. You could develop a helpful online calculator for them that converts units to imperial measures, and then outputs them in an attractive, responsive layout.

Try and “sell” your project with a story. Isn’t that what designers strive for? To sell the experience, not just the features? I think if I was an employer, I’d be more inclined to give a second look to something with a real-world story than a project that ticks the box for the latest JavaScript library (but if you can work both in, great!).

Out of the 3 suggestions you made, the WYSIWYG editor plugin sounds most appealing (to me).