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Unfortunately I can’t look at anything at the mo because I’m on mobile again, but you can open up the developer toolbar to check where and what to change. That’s F12 in most browsers. You can drill down the HTML in the elements pane (bottom left) until you reach your menu. From memory, it’s a ul wrapped in a div – the div has the class “menu”. Select the div and check the styles pane on the right side of the screen. There you can disable existing styles and add new ones live in the browser (that’s what I did to find the pertinent parts earlier). You’ll also be able to see which stylesheets your declarations are stored in. If I remember correctly, your styles (affecting the menu) are currently divided amongst a layout.css file and a styles.css file. You might be able to edit these stylesheets directly or create overrides in a custom stylesheet. The styles pane will give you the appropriate selectors needed in order to find the existing declarations, or to target the specific elements when you create the overrides. Hope that helps.