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When I use the display:block on the a elements the elements then stack on top of each other.

That was for something else – my misunderstanding. To make the li buttons sit flush up against each other you have to get rid of the spaces that are created by new-lines in the html. Here are some ways to do that

What can I do in order to center the text in the middle of the bar?

Here are ways to vertically align elements

And, the borders of the elements are not touching on the left and right sides of each element.

Try cancelling one of the side borders on the li elements with border-left:0;. Then use li:first-of-type { border-left:2px solid #fff } to put it back on the first li.

and for the element over which the cursor is hovering to be highlighted

You can use the :hover selector li a:hover { /* your styles here */ }