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Thanks for your response.
Sorry I was not more clear.
I have made two codepens that I attached below to try and make my problem a little clearer.
Code pen 1 shows the image that I want to be clickable (beginnermensimage.jpg) it also has the link to the html file which is the html code that is in codepen 2 (beginnermensdescription2.html).
My problem is when I click the image in the first codepen it take the user to a blank page (although in the same tab) with the text “SELECT OPTION”. When the user clicks the “SELECT OPTION” link it opens the open modal.
My problem is I want it to automatically open when the user clicks on the beginnermensimage.jpg rather than it being sent to the clickable text. I also want the rest of the page to still be in the background and right now when the open modal is open I do not see the rest of the page in the background which I want to see.

I hope I made my issue a little clearer now.

code pen 1

code pen 2

Thanks in advance