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[EDIT] Typing an answer on mobile takes a bit of time… simultaneous posting ahoy! Evening, Shikk :D

You should really provide a demo in so that we can see what’s happening.

Briefly looking at your code, I’m assuming you’re referring to the text in the main table cell (the paragraph elements). You should know that the default vertical alignment of table cells is the middle. In HTML4 you could make contents sit towards the top of a td using the valign attribute with a ‘top’ value. Unfortunately, it isn’t supported in HTML5 (the version of HTML you’re using as per the doctype). Instead you can use the CSS equivelant vertical-align property

That said, you shouldn’t be using tables for web layouts at all anymore. Might be a good opportunity to move to a div based layout

To answer your positioning observation;

I’ve googled it and tried ‘Relative Positioning” “Absolute Positioning” and “Fixed Positioning.” Nothing works.

You can’t position in a table cell unless you use a wrapper element

But I wouldn’t even go there when you can use divs for the whole shebang. Tables are for statistical data, not layout.