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I recently had the pleasure of getting to watch Swiss Army Man (with Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe).

Afterwards I did my usual research into the film and added it to my personal website / hidden-gem movie database for future reference (also happens to be the very first website that I built, using the same exact style/functionality as that of day 1 to act as a means of comparison).

Anyways, I rated the film on IMDB and then checked out the official website (which took a minute to load but bear with me because its totally worth seeing). Its unbelievable!

I think once you can get past the awesome way of interacting with the man on screen, it was how they managed to integrate Twitter mentions (whenever you click on the guy a different tweet is shown that mentions their films hashtag) every time you click on his belly.

And theres all sorts of other stuff they integrated into this but Ill spare you my creating a long, drawn out post!

I hadnt come across anything like this in a while so I thought id share! And by the way, for those who are just coming into the web dev/design fields, its really quite an awesome way to measure how far your skills have come!